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Economic Impact Study

In 2011 Ozarka College contracted with Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI) to study and then quantify the economic benefits realized by Ozarka students and the communities served by Ozarka College. The contributions due to Ozarka’s presence in the region are both significant and remarkable when one considers the many benefits from the student, taxpayer and social perspectives. The executive summary and the more detailed full report provide information through the lenses of Investment Analysis and Economic Growth Analysis.

Students receive an impressive cumulative return on their investment in an Ozarka College education of $12.80 of future higher income for every dollar invested. The taxpayer return is an amazing 10.6% for every dollar invested in tax support. The combined local economies receive $6.4 million in net added income each year due to payroll and operations, and the added annual income due to the activities of Ozarka College and its former students equals a substantial $42.8 million. There are also many important social benefits to higher education that are also quantified in the EMSI study that should be understood and considered when communities and individuals consider their collective support for the College and the many students and families served by Ozarka.

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